Network of Home-Based Workers in South Asia

HomeNet South Asia is a regional network of home-based worker organisations spread across eight countries. These include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Founded in 2000, we are South Asia’s first and only network for home-based workers.

Home Based Workers

The unorganised, informal sector makes up for a majority of the workforce in South Asia. And home-based workers form a vital part of informal economies in the region. By definition, home-based workers are those who produce goods or offer services directly.

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Areas of Work

With ‘Strength in Solidarity’ as its guiding principle, HomeNet South Asia pursues an agenda of empowerment for women, home-based workers across South Asia. We ensure that this agenda is responsive, democratic, and representative.

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Since its inception, HomeNet South Asia has designed initiatives, programmes, workshops and projects that aim to bring women, home-based workers closer to economic and social empowerment. Access papers, reports, policies and studies here.

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19 Mar 2020

South Asia’s 50 million home-based workers, a majority of whom are women, are significant contributors.

20 Feb 2020

This year, the Australian Open brought cheer to India’s leading garment hub – Tiruppur.

16 Aug 2019

Home-based work is a critical source of employment in the South Asian region and, estimates suggest, that it is home to over 50 million home-ba