30 Mar 2020

The terms ‘invisible’ or ‘hidden’ are often used when referring to women homeworkers in garment and footwear supply chains. Their work is often undervalued and remains unseen by the retailers and brands they produce for. Because of the hidden nature of their work, they are vulnerable. And face

16 Aug 2019

Home-based work is a critical source of employment in the South Asian region and, estimates suggest, that it is home to over 50 million home-based workers. In the countries that make up South Asia, home-based workers largely find themselves at the bottom of supply chains and are, often, an

Concluding observations on the fourth periodic report of Pakistan adopted by the Committee at its fifty fourth session (11 February – 1 March 2013).

A Bill to formulate the law relating persons who work in the informal or unorganized sector carrying out remunerative work within their homes or in the surrounding, grounds and protection for their rights. 

WHEREAS  it is expedient to formulate and introduce a law relating to the social