Senior Project Coordinator

HomeNet South Asia (HNSA) is looking for Senior Project Coordinator  for HomeNet South Asia Trust.

  • Position: Senior Project Coordinator
  • Remuneration: INR 18 Lakhs per annum (based on the experience)


HomeNet South Asia Trust (HNSA) is a robust and representative network of home-based worker organisations across South Asia. A membership-based organisation, the Network is made of up of leading trade unions, producer companies and cooperatives, community-based organisations, country-level networks and rights-based CSOs from eight countries in the region. Together, HNSA represents over 1.2 million worker voices, 95% of which are women.

Home-based workers are a unique category of informal sector workers who produce goods or/and provide services from in and around their homes. Across South Asia, home-based work is highly feminized. Women home-based workers are a critical labour force and their immense contributions fuel industry and build economies. Yet, home-based workers are not recognised as workers and their access to labour rights, decent livelihoods and decent working conditions remain elusive.

Conceived at a historic summit that saw the presence of government heads, leading labour organisations, and civil society actors, HNSA is committed to bringing voice and visibility to vulnerable women home-based workers, advocating for their recognition as workers and for their inclusion in their policies, and ensuring their right to decent work. The Network, since its inception in 2000, has becoming the leading voice for women home-based workers in South Asia and its initiatives empower women workers, helping them improve their lives and livelihoods.

Description of Role:

The Senior Project Co-ordinator of HomeNet South Asia will be Leading all the Projects and will be a pivotal actor in building and strengthening the home-based workers programs in the region.

She will have to:

1. Project Management – 

  • Work with Regional Coordinator to design projects and assist in Fundraising.
  • Over all in charge of all the Implementation and Reporting of Organization’s Projects as per the Funder’s Requirement.
  • Overall, in charge of the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Projects
  • Guide and support the team members with Project Implementation and Reporting to the funders.
  • Analyze the Progress of the project activities with team members on a monthly basis
  • Visit Member Organisations and Project Sites for implementation of the project and monitoring.

2. Finance and Compliance Management

  • Work Closely with Financial Advisor and Finance Coordinator for preparing Financial Reports as per Funder’s Requirement.
  • Work with Financial Advisor and Finance Coordinator on the Organisational Budgets
  • Assist Financial Advisor and Finance Coordinator in Six monthly Finance Committee Meetings
  • With support from Finance Advisor and Finance Coordinator, responsible to look after compliances of the organisation

3. Team Management – Support and Manage HNSA Team which consists of a support function and a project function

4. Office Management – Lead and Manage the HNSA Secretariat – its day-to-day operations and its financial obligations.

5. Membership- Work Closely with Regional Co-ordinator to strengthen and manage the HNSA’s Membership and the relationship with affiliates.

6. Networking - Assist Regional Co-ordinator in Networking Meetings as well as fund raising

The Senior Project Co-ordinator of HomeNet South Asia will have to be an emphatic and empathetic leader who possesses the ability to unite worker voices from across the region and who possesses a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women informal workers in the region. She must be equipped with the resourcefulness to work with multiple actors to further strengthen the women’s home-based workers movement in South Asia.

Educational Requirements - Master’s Degree in Development Studies/ Labour Studies/ Social Work/ Economics/ Management

Skills and Abilities - MS Office, Strong documentation skills, Strong communications skills and Strong quantitative skills (budgets, plans, reports)

Knowledge and Experience

  • At least 10 years of work experience in the development sector
  • At least 5 years of work experience in a leadership role
  • Knowledge of informal economy and gender issues

Salary - INR 18 Lakhs per annum (based on the experience)

Please send in your resumes to renu. no later than November 20, 2022.

Only Females are encouraged are to apply for this position.

Senior Project Coordinator
New Delhi, India