16 Aug 2019

Home-based work is a critical source of employment in the South Asian region and, estimates suggest, that it is home to over 50 million home-based workers. In the countries that make up South

04 Jan 2019

How A Social Enterprise In Udaipur Organises And Links Home-Based Workers To Global Supply Chains

It was a quiet day, when we arrived, in Kamli Ka Guda. The expansive highways that

12 Jun 2018

A day in the life of Maya

“I can just about feed my family, why do I need a policy for home-based workers?” laments Maya, a home-based worker. Maya, lives with her husband

07 Jun 2018

The 22nd May 2018 was a truly red letter day for home-based workers across the world. Representatives of the five regions of South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe & Central Asia

30 Jan 2018

Earlier this year, during a two-day workshop, we invited various civil society organisations, the ILO, NGOs, and academics to share their recommendations and ideas on the initial draft of the

02 Jan 2018

Visit to one of the slum areas in Ahmedabad was undertaken with the purpose of getting better understanding of the work related to surgical devices that was given to HBWs. On exploring the area

02 Jan 2018

Homeworkers produce goods for global supply chains from within or around their own homes. The work they do can vary greatly: stitching garments and weaving textiles; stitching shoe uppers and

09 Feb 2015

We, the members of 60 networks, associations and trade unions of home-based workers, together with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and researchers from 24 countries, met in New Delhi on the